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How to Rebuild the World Economy

The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, A Tour

Interactive Map of World Land-Bridge

The LaRouche Record: The 40 Year Fight for a New, Just, International Economic Order

Booklet: The Schiller Institute: Celebrating 30 Years of "Peace Through Development" (PDF)


Glass-Steagall Banking Act Articles

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Basic Economic Infrastructure
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Worldwide Landbridge Map

Basic Economic Infrastructure


...”We must recognize that what we call basic economic infrastructure, is an improvement in the biosphere beyond the capacity of the biosphere to develop and defend itself without human cognitive intervention. We must see the biosphere so improved by man, as representing what Vernadsky termed the “natural products” of human cognition produced as the qualitative improvements of the biosphere needed to develop the biosphere into the still qualitatively higher form, of a noösphere.

"We must never think of development of basic economic infrastructure as a destructive intrusion upon the biosphere, but rather as a necessary improvement of the quality of the biosphere as a biosphere, and also a form of improvement which raises the biosphere to the higher level of being an integral part of the noösphere. Indeed, that rule, is not merely a defense of the urgency of developing and maintaining the biosphere through basic economic infrastructure, but, also, represents the rule by which we must govern ourselves in changing the biosphere through infrastructural development...”

(from “The Vernadsky Strategy” by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. )

The Machine Tool Principle:
The Brains of Profit
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LaRouche Emergency Address to the Nation
on Impending Crash of Financial System,
September 1, 2007

The LaRouche Record: Forecast of the 1987 Crash

Studies from EIR Magazine
on the Physical Economic Collapse

Read these Important Articles from EIR:

Eurasian Infrastructure and the Noösphere

Using the Vernadsky Principle to Save the World Economy

Economy and Ideas (Introdution to Earth's Next 50 Years)

"THE LAROUCHE SHOW” Ibero America Guests Warn: Don't Let Bush Pinochet-ize Your Social Security System

From Lyndon LaRouche: Emergency
Action by the Senate
(April 15, 2005)

LaRouche’s Fourth of July Address:
It Happened in Berlin Last Week
(July 4, 2005)

Reverse the Physical Economic Collapse!

Rebuild the US Economy
with FDR's Methods:

Build the Super TVA(Tennessee Valley Authority):
LaRouche Outlines An Emergency Plan To Rebuild US Infrastructure
Starting with Rail and Air Transportation

Animating Dead Economics
Audio Video Webcast from the 2004 Labor Day Conference, Panel 3

Marcia Merry Baker: The US Economic Buildup Since FDR ( EIR PDF)

John Hoefle: The Take Down of the US Economy, 1963 To Today (EIR PDF)

TVA on the Jordan
(check back soon)

The Eurasian Landbridge(Click or scroll down for Introduction and Map)

Regional Development and Infrastructure Maps:Maps Page 1

Maps Page 2

Maps Page 3 These Maps Pages may take a few minutes to load, but they are worth it!

ARTICLES about the Landbridge:

The World Landbridge
Video, German Schiller Institute, 2010
Bangalore, India Conference Speeches
Bad Schwalbach Conference Speeches
Speakers from Eurasia: March, 2003

Eurasian Landbridge As An Alternative: Speech to Institute of Sino Strategic Studies
August, 2002, with Links to other Speeches)

Eurasian Landbridge In Progress! "Infrastructure Projects Lead the Way out of the Depression!
As of May 2002 - Excellent New Maps.
(Scroll down or click HERE for press release )

Eurasian Landbridge: Go There! Helga Zepp LaRouche's Conference Speech
on Sept. 2, 2001

Eurasian Landbridge: The Most Important Strategic Question Today
1997 article

Dialogue: "Keplerian Economics”
(This 2 part Dialogue by Dr. Tennenbaum
will help you deal with 'New Economy' bulletheads.)



Rebuild Our Health Care Infrastructure

Important Speeches and Articles on Physical Economy


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